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Lata and Robert

Lata & Robert Coykendall Honored with Englewood Spirit Award

Englewood Spirit Award Announcement by Randy Moore – I’m very pleased to announce that Lata and Robert Coykendall are the first recipients of our Englewood Spirit Award. The award recognizes an individual or couple for making a sustained and meaningful contribution to the health and vitality of the greater Englewood community. This is our second…

Taylor Chiropractic

Dr. Aaron Taylor with Taylor Chiropractic & Oriental Medicine

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Dr. Aaron Taylor, the owner of Taylor Chiropractic & Oriental Medicine located at 2190 Tamiami Trail S. in Venice. Learn more at MyVeniceChiropractor.com; please call 941-493-2688.   Aaron, please give a brief overview about your practice? We’ve been serving the Venice Area for over 30 years; I took over the…

Arlene Parker

Artist Arleen Parker Celebrates Inner Strength of Women

The wings of transformation are born of patience and struggle. (Janet Dickens) You find quotes like this on the backside of many paintings by Venice artist Arleen Parker. Especially with her new Survivor Series of women wearing vibrant headdresses. A quote inspires each painting and they tell a familiar story of courage in the face of…


Understanding Highly Sensitive People

Highly Sensitive People by Amy Scholten, MPH – In the early 1970s, my parents took me to a rock music festival. I covered my ears. It was too loud. To this day, I’m overwhelmed by too much sensory input—noise, crowds, violent movies, bright lights, and busy lifestyles. I thrive on quiet time in nature, creative…

Terra Tominelli

TerraNichol Academy of the Arts Expanding

Terra Tominelli Explains Expansion Plans for TerraNichol Academy – Editor’s Note: We spoke with Terra Tominelli, the founder of the TerraNichol Academy of the Arts School in Englewood. The school is located at 701 Old Englewood Road. Visit TerraNichol.com; inquires welcome at 941-474-3000. Terra, what’s the latest with your expansion plans? We are in the…

Positive Longevity

Ten Factors of Positive Longevity

Ten Factors of Positive Longevity by Randy Moore – I’ve made presentations and hosted group conversations about the nuances and benefits of Positive Longevity. Many of my insights stem from my study of Blue Zone communities around the world. A Blue Zone community is a place where adults live longer with less problems with chronic…

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy with Brenda VanSalisbury

Brenda VanSalisbury Introduces Aquatic Therapy – Editor’s Note: We spoke with Registered and Licensed Occupational Therapist Brenda VanSalisbury about Aquatic Therapy. Brenda owns Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy located in North Port. Learn more and read helpful testimonials on her Freedom Rehab Facebook page. Please call 941-400-1505 for a free consultation. Learn more on the website…

Rev. Dawn Mayes

Dawn Mayes on the Blessing of Reconciliation

The Blessing of Reconciliation by Reverend Dawn Mayes – I stepped into a room filled with people focused intently on the pale woman lying in bed. Julia’s eyes were closed in pain, and her hands clutched the sheet, as I heard her say, “My daughter, my daughter.” As I stepped closer, the man on the…

Lee Perron

Englewood Farmers Market with Lee Perron

Lee Perron Answers Questions about the Englewood Farmers Market – Editor’s Note: We spoke with Lee Perron with the Englewood Farmer’s Market (EFM) to learn more about the market and its community impact. The EFM is held 9am to 2pm every Thursday from October through May. Visit EnglewoodFarmersMarket.org. Lee, what’s the brief history of the…

Dr. J. E. Williams

Dr. J. E. Williams Explains Importance of Blood Testing

Dr. J. E. Williams Explains Importance of Blood Testing – Editor’s Note: We spoke with Dr. J. E. Williams, a functional medicine clinician, noted author and expert on anti-aging, blood analysis, viral infections and immune-boosting methods. He created The Complete Blood Test Blueprint Program and he’s also the author of Viral Immunity. Dr. Williams can…

Carroll Swayze

Meet Lifelong Artist Carroll Swayze

Meet Lifelong Artist Carroll Swayze – Carroll Swayze has been an artist her entire life. Her mother, Ruth, wrote the television show Taxi and owned a coffeehouse in the 1960’s where Carroll mingled with notable musicians, artists and other creative people. “I started painting when I was eight and I did my first outdoor show…