Provision Laser Eye Center

My Experience with Cataract Surgery

By Daniel Flinn – “You have cataracts,” my ophthalmologist announced. “Great,” I replied. “When can I get those new lenses implanted?” I’d done my homework and realized the new lenses would correct nearly all the astigmatism interfering with my vision. A few weeks later, I had nearly 20/20 vision without my glasses. I still wear…


One More Day Receives Englewood Spirit Award

By Randy Moore, Publisher & Editor      I’m very pleased to announce that One More Day, a nonprofit foundation, is the newest recipient of our Englewood Spirit Award. The group is being recognized for their efforts to provide rescue dogs with foster hospice in private, peaceful and loving homes. I’ll be presenting the award in…


Gynecologist James Kondrup, MD Joins GCMG

Editor’s Note: Dr. James Kondrup is a board-certified gynecologist and teacher with 30 plus years of experience. He’s accepting new patients at the GCMG Women’s Health & Wellness Center located at 8431 Pointe Loop Drive in south Venice. Please call 941-207-5330. Dr. Kondrup, where did you work previously and what brought you to this part…


Health and Balance with Erica Nabers, AP

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Erica Nabers, an Acupuncture Physician and owner of North Port Acupuncture located at 14888 Tamiami Trail in North Port. Please call 941-423-1500 for a free consultation. Visit How did you get involved with acupuncture and natural health? I was in the nursing field previously using natural health approaches when…


Mike Schyck is Y Wellness Director & Wrestling Champ

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Mike Schyck, the Fitness Director for the Englewood YMCA located at 701 Medical Blvd. He’s a world champion level wrestler and the current wrestling coach for Lemon Bay High School. Please call 941-475-1234. Learn more at Mike, what are your responsibilities for the YMCA? I manage the wellness staff…


Marie Laforge Finds Extraordinary in the Ordinary

     Many locals know Marie Laforge in connection with Mango Bistro, the popular restaurant she owns with her partner Ricardo. Marie is also passionate about photography. Some of her favorite subjects include seashells, water, birds, trees, leaves, seascapes, landscapes, and casual scenes from her trips around the world.      “I love photographing simple things and…


Elizabeth Massey Encourages Resilience

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Elizabeth Massey, the CEO and Founder of HealWell & Thrive. She’s also a regular vendor at the Englewood and Venice Farmers Markets with her partner Chef Craig Chasky. Visit Elizabeth, what’s your mission how do you help your clients? To reinforce one’s resilience to successfully adapt and navigate losses…

Gulf Soles

Gulf Soles Provides Orthotic Sandals that Feel Good

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Mike McFarland, the owner of Gulf Soles with his wife Susan. Gulf Soles sells comfortable Florida-friendly footwear designed to improve the health of your feet. Gulf Soles is located at 2254 S. Tamiami Trail in Venice. Visit; call 218-820-4095. Mike, what’s the story behind the creation of your new…

CoastalMED DPC

Dr. Jaclyn Nadler Introduces Direct Primary Care

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Jaclyn Nadler, MD, about her new Internal Medicine practice CoastalMED DPC located at 1861 Placida Road (Suite 202) in Englewood, Florida. Dr. Nadler is a board-certified internal medicine physician who grew up in Charlotte County. Call 941-275-1234; Visit How does your DPC practice work and what are the benefits…

Kokokahn Pure Essential Oils

Traci Dalrymple with Kokokahn Pure Essential Oils

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Traci Dalrymple, the owner of Kokokahn Pure Essential Oils. Her store is at 3545 Bobcat Village Center Road in North Port (941-200-5243). The hours are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10am to 4pm. She’s also at the Englewood Farmers Market Thursdays and the Venice Farmers Market Saturdays. Visit…

Artist Shirley Campbell

Shirley Campbell Paints the Outdoors

Shirley Campbell is a local artist with a passion for painting outdoor settings. From birds and bright colored flowers to a fisherman working, Shirley relishes the process of finding an interesting subject and transforming her observations into a new painting. “Painting has taught me to really see what I’m looking at beyond quick perceptions,” she…