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Christina Parker, MSN, NP

Restorative Medical Center with Christina Parker, MSN, NP

Editor’s Note: Christina Parker, MSN, NP, owns Restorative Medical Center at 706 The Rialto on Venice Island (look for the blue roof). Call 941-625-0304. Learn more at RestorativeMedicalCenter.com.  Restorative Medical Center is one of the two recipients of our Venice Spirit Award for 2023. Christina, please introduce the Restorative Medical Center. I launched Restorative Medical…

Marie and Howard

Spirit Awards for Real Bikes Englewood and Marie Bronson

By Randy Moore, Publisher – Congratulations to our newest award recipients. Real Bikes Englewood, owned by Gary and Melody Vasbinder, and Marie Bronson, the owner of Shear Sailing Salon & Tanning, Swirls N Curls Ice Cream, and Sunnybrook Realty. Both are receiving our Englewood Spirit Award for their positive impact on the health and happiness…

Mission Organic Cafe

Mission Organic Cafe for Healthy & Tasty Food

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Jim Glenn the owner of Mission Organic Café located at 231 Miami Avenue W. on Venice Island. Jim and his partner Keith Meyer purchased the former Island Organics and are busy rebranding and enhancing their organic café and superfood and juice bar. Call 941-484-3565. Visit MissionOrganic.biz. Jim, what inspired you…

Brian Anderson

FirstLight Home Care with Brian Anderson

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Brian Anderson, the local owner of FirstLight Home Care. Please call 941-208-3109. Learn more at FirstLightHomeCare.com/home-healthcare-port-charlotte. Brian, please introduce your home care business. Our local business is part of the family of businesses nationwide that constitute FirstLight Home Care. It’s our “culture of care” at the local level that unites…

Painting by Linda Soderquist

Linda Soderquist Expresses Love for Nature

Watercolor artist Linda Soderquist has many years of experience in the field supporting education and stewardship projects benefiting our area’s natural treasures. That includes the habitat of sea turtles and shorebirds. The Florida Master Naturalist has worked with the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission for more than 20 years, as well as the Florida Shorebird Alliance…

Organic food

Eat Organic Food for Stronger Immunity

By Randy Moore, Publisher – I’ve lived in Sarasota County since 1999. I’ve learned a lot about health, nutrition, fitness, longevity, medicine, healthcare delivery, human psychology and related topics. Not just from my personal experiences and ongoing study, but also through many relationships with health educators, clinicians and business owners. Each of us is a…

The Island Bookshop

The Island Bookshop is for Book Lovers

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Aimee Odette, one of the owners of The Island Bookshop with her partner Michael Rank. The address is 206 Miami Ave. W. on Venice Island. Call 941-416-5511. Learn more at TheIslandBookshop.com. The Island Bookshop received our Venice Spirit Award for 2023. Aimee, please introduce The Island Bookshop?Our bookshop at the corner…


Dr. Gary Bolen Uses DRX9000 for Chronic Back Pain

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Dr. Gary Bolen at Venice Village Chiropractic to learn more about spinal decompression technology and the use of the DRX9000. His office is located at 4140 Woodmere Park Blvd., Suite 2 in Venice. Call 941-497-7424. Learn more online at VeniceVillageChiropractic.com. Dr. Bolen, what kinds of conditions can be helping with…

Sarah and Kevin Gleba

Enjoy Lunch at The Arctic Alligator Creamery

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Sarah Gleba, the owner of A Better Scoop Ice Cream Shoppe and The Arctic Alligator Creamery with her husband Kevin. ABS is located at 70 S. Indiana Avenue and AAC is located at 3385 S. Access Road. Visit ABetterScoop.com (941-473-2650) and TheArcticAlligator.com (941-460-3647). Sarah, what’s the history of your growing…

Freya Robbins

Introducing Zollinger Mediation

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Freya Robbins, the founder and owner of Zollinger Mediation, LLC based in Sarasota. Freya has helped thousands of clients since 2004 as a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator. Call 941-366-0202 to set up a free 15-minute consultation. Visit ZollingerMediation.com. Freya, why is mediation a sensible option compared to hiring…

Matt and Dena of Garden of the Arts

Introducing Garden of the Arts

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Dena Kittelson, a local artist and owner of Garden of the Arts with her partner, Matt. The business is located at 272 Cedar Street in the Englewood Arts District. Visit GardenoftheArts.com; call 941-681-0213. Dena, please introduce Garden of the Arts.We’re a home-based business featuring a beautiful garden and certified nursery,…